S-a intalnit hotul cu prostii


Ca urmare a noului context pandemic, vechea zicala romaneasca „S-a intalnit hotul cu prostul” se va schimba de acum in „S-a intalnit precautul cu prostii”

Recent marioneta securistilor, santajat cu dosarele pentru casele luate ilegal pe cand era primar in Sibiu, a declarat ca ”In fata unei boli, esti precaut sau esti prost” . Nu, nu, escrocule! In fata bolii ai sistem sanitar sau n-ai sistem sanitar. Voi ati distrus sistemul sanitar ca sa ne furati apoi libertatile prin frica de boala.

The 2 extremism faces


They both kill people

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“Saving lives” propaganda evolution


As working on my close to release “The International Sadism” documentary I found this picture that automatically sent my mind to our days propaganda about “lives saving”. In the 40-s they created and after this used this threat to make free order takers work harder. Today they do it in a different way, by financially ruining the masses.



E posibil ca acest virus sa fi fost tinut sub control pana acum, si de abia acum inainte sa atinga varful. Dar e putin probabil. Cert este ca pana acum acest virus este unul mediu, cu victime sub gripa sezoniera. Dar pandemia a fost creata din minciuni .

For my English folowers, „gogorita” means „lie, deception”



Nu stiu daca aceasta "pandemie" a fost indusa artificial, dar cu siguranta pandaliile au fost

Mortii de COVID-19


Din lac in put... Dupa ce au votat de zeci de ani pentru PSD din postura de decedati, iata ca mortii vii sunt folositi de guvernara de dreapta pentru a umfla statisticile deceselor "pandemiei" de COVID-19, si a instaura panica in masa

The capitalist power hierarchy


My 6 months documentary “The murderous sadism in the international politics” is getting close to releasing. Here’s my opinion about the capitalist power hierarchy, an image that I use in this project. To get your attention, just keep in mind that the official story of Germany' war declaration to USA in the second would war is one of the biggest lies in the history. Stay tuned for more!

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Slavery evolution from 0 to 2020


They think it's totally different but actually is the same.

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Dictatura cu picatzele


Alta varianta pentru tema dictaturii clasice versus cea mascata a captalismului

European dissolution


By the way of the previous post...