Celui-ci n’est pas Harry Potter


acrylic 120/100 cm

The text for this image is this:

"at the macrosocial level, in the culture history, there has happened the same phenomenon of entropy that occurs at the microsocial level with a specific cultural current. This phenomenon reflects the mode item dynamics. After being launched as avant-garde, any current then gets popular, and then it ends up out of mode. In this stage, the present public is no more inspired by it, and goes next to another cultural form that will also have the same destiny. The values, the techniques and the technology of traditional art have been assimilated by a nonelite public, and thus, its essential function for civilization has been lost, as dealing with mediocre spiritual products. So, the art has moved its center of gravity to the conceptual item, after the journalistic and the mode items have became popular and turned into the mass culture". 

from this theory : http://www.amazon.com/The-Basics-Theoretical-Art-conceptualism/dp/3846540420

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