So who's the king now, Roy?


My childhood hero, now under the theoretical art. Acrylic on canvas 100/120 cm:

The text for this image comes from my book "The basics of theoretical art" as quoted here:

"As form the ancient ideology there have emerged the science like physics, psychology, anatomy, botany, etc. in the same way these two elements, journalistic and mode, came to be separated from the old traditional art body. Journalistic item industrially developed into press and the mode item came to be industrially made by designers. The fact that explosion of media (initially as newspapers) since the mid-nineteenth century emerged once with the appearance of impressionism (which is the first current of modern art) is not just a coincidence. The two phenomena are very intimately related. Then there was when a major separation that took place in the history of art. On the one hand the journalistic item became press and consumerist art as a press extension and on the other hand the mode item became modern art in first phase and then it became design after the commercial interest stepped into the modern avantgarde that reached the second and even third level of art entropy previously mentioned. Thus the design met in a kind of circle with consumerist art to which the other direction derived in through the utilitarian function that was applied to.

In this way, at the macrosocial level, there has occurred in the cultural history the same phenomenon of entropy that occurs at microsocial level with a cultural current that reflects the dynamic of mode item. After launching as the avantgarde any current then gets popular and then it gets out of mode, do not inspire the present public anymore that go next to another culture form that will have also the same destiny. The values, the techniques and the technology of traditional art have been assimilated by a nonelite public and thus its essential function for civilization has been lost for filling with mediocre products in terms of spiritual. The conceptual item was that to which the art has moved the center of gravity after the journalistic and mode item became popular and turned into mass culture. "

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