Einstein + Rammstein = REnstein

This work is a kind of selfportret. Here one can find my passion for science, for painting and for music. Einstein is maybe the most popular nowadays scientific figure. And he played violin. There are two very important painters that used to play violin. The first one is Dominique Ingres, one of the main figurers of Neoclassicism. He played second violin in the “Orchestre du Capitole de Toulouse”. I painted his head flipped form his well-known “Self portrait at age 24” at the left bottom side of my work. The second one is Paul Klee, one of my favorite painters from art history and one of the most important abstract artists. And he also played violin. When he was 11 years old, he received an invitation to play as an extraordinary member of the Bern Music Association. He was also a theoretician. I painted him at 90 degrees counter clock rotation at the Einstein’s right hand. I also drew the Leonardo’s famous self-portrait on the Einstein’s right hand, as he also was a very important theoretician. At the Einstein’s right side I painted Brian May, the famous Queen guitarist. He is also an astrophysicist. I intentionally painted Einstein’s body like “Le violoniste” that Marc Chagall painted in 1913. So, you see, this painting is about my mind’s associations between history of science, art and music. I’ve got Rammstein connected with the whole thing because of similar sonority with Einstein. Here’s why their “Du hast mich” became “Du haste = mih” on my canvas. I don’t know why I also painted Grumpy cat in this work but I felt like it had to be there.

I don’t know why I also painted Grumpy cat in this work but I felt like it had to be there.

The text for this artwork can be found at the 119 page of this book:

This work is a part of my latest exhibition „ Modern heroes