Ronaldo on the moon


It's time for some old school, but linked with theoretical art experiment. I decided to paint the theoretical text connected to a traditional art image.

The text written on this image is this:

"The most popular sports combine these common people (as contemporary slave) basic desires, which descend from the classical slave. In football, the shot from a big distance is a delight of spectators. Such a score from a great distance get the fans in the air. Such a goal is selected for the generics, as a football beauty top. It is more than an ordinary score because the ball shot from distance is like a projectile that the opponent does not have. Moreover, this perception is mixed with a phantasmal erotism; the ball trajectory entering the net reiterates the intercourse: the trajectory represents the penis and the net represents the vagina. The farther from the target is the shot the bigger is the penis, in this phantasmal perception of the intercourse. Beating the rival in the fight, and conquering the females is an ancestral psychological predisposition that get inside the symbol of the goal scored from distance in football or basketball. This target is also found in the essay scored in rugby or American football by the player that surpasses many opponents. Although there are certain variations, most sports require a kind of well defended “hot spot” that the opponent player must attain. The fan’s joy delirium, as its favorite team scores, is the anaclitical joy of satisfying these phantasmal impulses. Without fans, there would not be any sports masters, legends and celebrities. They are well paid to satisfy this classical slave's need to escape the humiliating reality and jump into the phantasmal joy of conquering certain fortresses."
The full text can be found here:

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